Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - Free Vanilla Hazelnut Cupcake


One great thing about the free daily cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake (besides a free cupcake, haha) is a chance to try out cupcakes that are not normally offered on the regular menu.  One example would be this Vanilla Hazelnut cupcake, which to my knowledge has never been on the Georgetown Cupcake menu before.

I'm a big fan of their Chocolate Hazelnut cupcake, so this cupcake was definitely right up my alley!  It's a vanilla cake with a thin chocolate ganache layer, topped with chopped candied hazelnuts.  I love the chopped candied hazelnuts- they add a ton of texture and flavor to the cupcake.  I wasn't expecting there to be chocolate on this cupcake at all, but of course it was a welcome surprise.  I really liked this cupcake and wish they would put it on their regular menu- maybe one day!


  1. like the blue coin thingy on top :)

  2. I haven't tried the Vanilla Hazelnut yet, but I love their vanilla cakes in general. Looks yummy!

  3. @KandS: Haha, yeah, it's a cute touch! It's a fondant piece with the tv show logo on it.

    @Sassy: So good!! Hope you get to try this one soon.