Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love, Love, Love: Zentan Restaurant's Singapore Slaw


Of all the dishes that people talk about at Zentan in DC, the one that kept coming up was the Singapore Slaw- I knew that I had to order it on my first visit.  During the last season of Top Chef Masters, I always enjoyed seeing Chef Susur Lee's dishes, and I had high hopes for Zentan.  I'm really happy my friend R thought to snap a photo of the Singapore Slaw during our recent dinner there, because describing it in words would not be sufficient!

The dish consists of 19 ingredients, which all add specific layers of flavors and textures.  Not to mention it makes the dish really pretty to look at.  This dish was DELICIOUS.  I would recommend anyone going to Zentan to get this dish, definitely!  I also had the Salmon Lover's Roll, which was fresh and tasty as well- but the highlight was definitely this slaw.  I would absolutely go back and have this dish again.  To put it another way, if I lived closer, I would go there and sit at the bar JUST for this dish.  Side note: If anyone is feeling extra adventurous and wants to try making this dish- here's the recipe.  And if you do make this- invite me over!! :o)

Zentan - Donovan House
1155 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
202.379.4366 // On OpenTable

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