Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pittsburgh Lady Gaga Weekend Eats

I recently went on a fun-filled weekend in Pittsburgh with my friend S- the main focus was visiting our friend B and our other friend Lady Gaga, haha, but of course we had some good eats all weekend as well!

Starting off the weekend (literally, we had just walked into B and C's apartment)- BLITZBURGH CRUNCH ICE CREAM!!

One of the reasons I was so excited to try this ice cream is because it's only sold in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area - aka NOT by me, haha.  The cookie and cake crunchies were so good, mmm.  So happy I got to try it!

We've gone to Pamela's Diner a few times in past visits, but we never tire of it.  Look at those hotcakes!  The edges are crispy and buttery, oh-so-bad for you.  It also doesn't hurt that it's super cheap for the ridiculous amount of food you get.

We also hit up one of the Dozen Bake Shop locations for a mid-day snack.  I love the space and all the different treats that they offer here.  I wouldn't normally seek out a vegan cupcake, but I thought this Mostess (a play on a Hostess cupcake) was cute and tried it out.  It definitely didn't have the same richness that I normally expect in a normal cupcake, but the topping was rich and chocolately which was good.

For our pre-Gaga dinner, we all hit up BRGR, a gourmet burger bar.  They had lots of tasty choices on the menu, but I finally decided on Fire In The Hole: guacamole, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese (which I omitted), and chipotle mayo.  There was a pleasantly noticeable amount of heat in this burger, which went nicely with the creamy guacamole.  I don't know how people manage to eat a burger with fries AND a boozy shake here- the burgers are definitely not small!


My favorite part of dinner though had to be the FRIED PICKLES.  I love frickles in general but these were pickle spears, as opposed to the pickle slices that I'm used to seeing.  SO good.  A crunchy, hot, thick batter coats the salty pickle...mmm.  Might not be everyone's favorite but I definitely think it's an addicting taste!  

Once again a fun and tasty weekend in Pittsburgh- thanks to B and his sisters for hosting us/driving us around!  

Pamela's Diner - Shadyside
5527 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Dozen Bake Shop - Lawrenceville
3511 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA

5997 Penn Circle South
Pittsburgh, PA 15206


  1. Agree spears are SO much better, yet so rare ha

  2. wow, thanks for the list of places! my friend just moved to pittsburgh and now i have a reason to visit her :)

    of course, to see her and her cute cat too!
    once it warms up up there.

    any relation to the BRGR here?

  3. @Ashley: Yum, so good!

    @nicole: Lots of fun places in Pittsburgh! No, the ones here are BGR Burger Joint, this one's Brgr.

  4. there's a brgr in ballston! by hunan palace~

  5. @nicole: Looks like the one you're referring to is called Brgr Shack, not just Brgr?