Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Cupcakes

 For this year's Easter "dinner", I decided to make a themed dessert/snack for the group.   I wanted something easy and fun, which hopefully didn't require too much extra grocery shopping.  I figured that Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix and frosting could be sufficiently festive enough, due to the rainbow sprinkles mixed throughout.   I upped the festive-ness by adding Cadbury Mini Eggs into the cupcakes before baking, plus on top of the cupcakes once they were frosted.  I baked both regular and mini cupcakes, and I think I preferred the mini ones better overall, because they were just the right bite-sizes of sugary cake. 


Hidden Mini Egg

As you can see, the Mini Eggs' shells melted off while baking, and sank to the bottom of the cupcake.  No worries though, these still tasted sugary sweet and chocolate-y, just the way Easter is supposed to be....right?