Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick Trip to the Zoo

After trying out The Cereal Bowl, we headed down the street to the National Zoo since it was so nice outside.  We saw lots of families enjoying the day as well- it was a great sunny day to stroll around.  Just wanted to share some photos, especially the ones on the bottom - we caught one of the giant pandas meandering over to a log and just collapse right on top- I guess it's a comfortable position for them??  And then the other giant panda was eating an apple - SO CUTE!  Everyone was taking pics of the panda enjoying the snack :o)

Not dead- sleeping, haha



  1. Aw...panda!! XD Gosh, it's been ages since I've been to the zoo. This makes me wanna go!

  2. I miss going to the national zoo....the last time was years ago....I wish I could go back there...

  3. @SNC: Last time I went the panda exhibit was closed, so it was cute to see them this time!

    @adin_22: Maybe you can squeeze in a trip when you are visiting next time!