Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cupcake Bank from All Things Cupcake

A big "Thank you!" to the All Things Cupcake blog for hosting a cute cupcake bank giveaway!  It's proudly sitting on a shelf in my living room, waiting to be filled with some moolah - for buying cupcakes, obvi :o)  
True to their name, All Things Cupcake is an extensive resource for anything cupcake-related.  Lots of fun to browse around the site, but also good if you're looking for specific recipes, stores, or anything like that as well.  Go and take a look if you haven't already!  


  1. OMG - could that be any cuter?!?!

  2. @Shannon: Yes so cute! I've seen it at Urban Outfitters too if you are interested, haha

    @Ilana: Woo!