Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Cargo Goodies

I've generally had good experiences with CARGO cosmetics in the past, so when I saw a bunch of their items on sale on the Sephora website, I was pretty excited to get a few new items.  Unfortunately, the reason why they were on sale is because Sephora is no longer carrying CARGO products :o( , just as an FYI. 



In the past I've used Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes in Canvas Light as an eyeshadow base, but since I was running low anyway, I bought the CARGO EyeBase you see above.  I love the click-pen applicator; so easy to use, distributes the product nicely, and great for travel.  The color is lighter than my skin tone but that's not really an issue since I'm putting eyeshadow over it.  In fact, it works well for me as a base slash highlighter for my browbone area since it is a lighter shade, haha.  I haven't really put it through any rigorous testing in terms of staying power, but overall I've been v. happy with this eyeshadow base so far.    


Water Resistant Bronzer

I also picked up this CARGO Water Resistant Bronzer, also on sale from Sephora.  To be honest, I didn't really believe that it would really be water resistant, but I wear bronzer year-round so I just figured it was worth a shot.  The bronzer feels really smooth going on and isn't as sparkly as some of the other CARGO bronzers I've tried before have been, which is good.  It hasn't felt tacky or heavy on my skin, even on the really humid days we've had around here recently.  Overall though, I couldn't tell you if the water resistant properties are really working or not.  As a bronzer, it's a great shade for me and I like it so far (I've been switching between this and my regular- Tarte Mineral Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess).  I haven't actually tried going to a beach or a pool with this on, but maybe soon I'll give it a try.  I'll be trying this out all summer- if I have any new info/findings I will let you all know, haha :o)