Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recipe: Martha Stewart's Applesauce Spiced Cupcakes

I picked up a jar of applesauce a while back, thinking it'd be nice to use on some sort of baked good.  If you look online, there are tons of recipes that substitute oil/butter/sugar for applesauce, to get that moist, fluffy consistency w/o being too bad for you.  Well, as you can see in the recipe, Martha didn't exactly go THAT route, considering there's butter and two kinds of sugar in her recipe, haha.  But hey, I didn't say I was making cupcakes from her book because they were healthy, so let's keep it moving, shall we?

Mise en place

The recipe comes together v. easily and smells great- I did sub in walnuts for the pecans, but that didn't change the fantastic smell of these cupcakes.  I used pre-made cream cheese frosting for this because I already had it in my cupboard, but feel free to make the frosting recipe if you are so inclined/have the time to do so.


All done! 

The applesauce in these cupcakes definitely bumped up the taste and fluffyness of these cupcakes- these were really delicious!  Everyone seemed to enjoy these at work, so I'd say they were pretty successful.  Give these a try if you like apple-based baked goods, or even if you just bought a too-large jar of applesauce and want a recipe to use some of it up.  I love the smell of apples and spice- perfect for a chilly or rainy day :o)


  1. Though I'm not much of a baker (do brownies outta the box count? :P) I have heard of subbing apple sauce. I love apples and spice too. They remind me of Autumn :)

  2. @Ilana: Thanks!

    @Shannon: Thanks!

    @SNC: Yeah it's def v. "fall" :o)

    @KandS: Thank you!