Thursday, June 10, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Chocolate Ganache + Caramel Apple


Chocolate Ganache + Caramel Apple

I know I've had the Chocolate Ganache one before, but for the sake of the blog (and also cus I can't even remember when I might have tried it before), I picked up one of those at Georgetown Cupcake, along with the free Caramel Apple cupcake.  I've posted about the Caramel Apple cupcake before- here's my previous review.

The Chocolate Ganache cupcake is a decadent duo of rich chocolate cake with a glossy chocolate ganache topping.  If you're not a big "frosting" person and you love chocolate, this cupcake would be totally perfect.  Also, if you are traveling with/carrying around the cupcakes, this might be a good option- since there's less of a chance of smashing the frosting against the sides or the top of the box.  This cupcake is super rich and chocolate-y, and it's a nice change from the regular frosting/cake ratio.  Try it out if you get a chance! 


  1. I love the choc ganache one. It is def good for traveling too! I think that was one of the first Gtown cupcakes I had.

  2. @Ilana: The first of many woo!