Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Candy Contest!


A huge "Thank you!" to Daily Candy for having a really fun contest via Twitter!  The gift box was chock full of goodies:

- Daily Candy theme umbrella
- Daily Candy Lexicon book
- Baggu reusable shopping back
- LeSportsac crossbody bag
- Murad night cream
- Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye masks
- Jet Blue theme wine charms
- OPI nail polish
- Lipsmackers lip balm
- Degree anti-perspirant
- Daily Candy theme disposable camera

I honestly wasn't expecting the prize to contain so much stuff, but it was definitely awesome to get!  If you aren't already a Daily Candy member, I'd highly recommend it- lots of informative and fun e-mails about the latest products, restaurants, and city hotspots :o)


  1. I'm so jealous. Teach me your ways, oh master of the contests.

  2. Oh wow!! Nice! I need to get some of these prizes!!

  3. @SNC: Thanks!

    @Meppers: Hey, you already got a good start with a gift card, haha.

    @Ilana: Woo!

    @Shannon: Yeah lots of fun stuff!