Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iVillage + Target Giveaway!

I was super surprised and SUPER excited to get all this in the mail from an iVillage contest - since it was just sent out when the contest ended, I had no idea that I had won!

The prize pack was all Giada DeLaurentiis items, mostly from her new Target line:
    • Giada At Home cookbook
    • Tomato basil pasta sauce
    • Parmesan garlic vinaigrette
    • Ground coffee 
    • Farfalle pasta
    • Ice cream scoop
    I was excited to get anything at all, but especially happy to receive a copy of Giada at Home since I have most of her other cookbooks and was planning on buying this one too.  This prize package was totally amazing- "THANK YOU" to iVillage for having such an awesome contest (and "choosing" me, obviously)!!


      1. Congrats!!
        Btw, I tried out the spices this weekend, turned out really well :D

      2. @lindelle: Thanks! Oh good, glad you liked it!