Thursday, June 24, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcake



And we have another (new!) monthly flavor from Georgetown Cupcake, in the form of a Banana Chocolate Chip cupcake! Take a look at that thick, chocolate frosting- this is v. different from their usual, fluffy one, more like a piped ganache, it's that thick.  The banana chocolate chip cake underneath was moist and studded with mini chocolate chips throughout.  

So... if there's banana in it, you can totally eat this for breakfast, right?  Hey, whatever excuses work for us, haha.  Unfortunately this cupcake is only available on the regular menu through June- but I'm sure that it will pop up again as a free flavor at some point this year :o)


  1. OMY (that's Oh My Yum) I want one for breakfast! That's what I'm getting next time.

  2. I think that anything that has dairy in it can be counted as a breakfast item :)

  3. Haha...yes, it'd make a perfect breakfast!!

  4. @KandS: Yes, I really enjoyed it!

    @MaryEl: Hurry- it's here through June.

    @lindelle: Haha, I like the way you think!

    @Ilana: Yeah it was v. thick and rich.

    @Shannon: It was v. good!

    @SNC: Haha, glad you're in agreement.