Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Cupcakes --> Strawberry Pound Cake

A while back, N posted about her recipe for these fantastic-looking Double Strawberry Cupcakes, and I was instantly drooling.   As luck would have it, we met up shortly after she made these, and she was nice enough to bring me one!  Check out that cute packaging! 

The cupcake was super delicious- rich cake combined with yummy fresh strawberry frosting.  I set out to make the recipe the following week, but wanted to try out just the cake first to see how it'd turn out.

I decided to make a variation of N's recipe, as a loaf cake rather than individual cupcakes- mainly so it'd be easy to bring into work.  The loaf came together v. easily.  I started the bake time at 25 minutes, and went at 10 minute intervals to check the middle with a toothpick- I think in the end the cake took about 40-50 minutes to bake.  Depending on your oven you might want to bake at an interval also, so you don't under/over-cook the cake.


One issue I encountered was how to go about incorporating the strawberries.  I wound up layering the sliced strawberries in the top third of the cake, because I was afraid they'd all sink to the bottom of the pan.  The strawberries didn't sink, but instead wound up being sort of hidden when I sliced the cake- all you see are the flat lines of the strawberry discs, haha.  Next time I'll probably just mix the slices throughout so it looks nicer when the loaf is sliced.

Overall this cake turned out really well taste-wise, and a great way to celebrate strawberry season.  Everyone at work liked it, and it's an easy recipe to showcase in-season fruits in general.  Thank you N for the original cupcake recipe, and of course for the yummy strawberry cupcake!  


  1. They both look delish! Can you come to my house and make these?

  2. Umm I wish I didn't have 10 baked goods in my house right now this looks amazing! I want to make it!!!!!!

  3. @Shannon: It was v. tasty!

    @Ilana: Haha, we might have to wait til next Spring again for that.

    @Ashley: What's one more, c'mon, ha.