Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Honest Kombucha Tea


Local business pride aside (yay Bethesda!!), I'm a big fan of Honest in general for their tasty teas and juices.  So when I saw that they had come out with a Kombucha line, I figured I'd pick up a few bottles and try them out.  Kombucha is definitely an interesting and acquired taste, in my opinion.  Basically it's tea that is fermented with raw bacteria/cultures, among other things, and supposedly is super healthy and beneficial for our bodies.  Yeah, it's a little bizarre to think about all the fermented bacteria etc., especially because you can see the raw threads floating around the bottom of the bottles, haha, but I personally have grown to like it.  

I tried the Lemon Ginger flavor first, and it was good, but a little TOO tart for me.  It would definitely wake you up first thing in the morning though, that's for sure.  V. tart with a strong ginger flavor, if you try it make sure you like ginger flavor, haha.  I liked the Peach Mango flavor a lot more- strong but not overwhelming on either fruit flavor, just the right balance of sweetness as well.  If you're a Kombucha newbie and want to try one out, I'd recommend the Peach Mango flavor.  I haven't tried any of the other flavors since these two, but I am looking forward to tasting the new Apple Jasmine and Maqui Berry Grapefruit flavors!  


  1. Peach Mango it is! I'm a Kombucha virgin...hehe. ;)

  2. @SNC: Def try it out- interesting to say the least, haha!