Monday, July 6, 2009

DC Eats: Baked & Wired

After a fantastic 4th of July weekend, what was supposed to be a low-key Sunday turned into quite a sequence of good luck for me, woo! First off, I hit ZERO traffic driving down from NJ into MD, and got home around noon. I had received a postcard from Vineyard Vines a few days ago, redeemable at their store for free flip flops. I figured I might as well go, and hit ZERO traffic going into Georgetown, and then, magically, found a parking spot about 5 minutes in, right down the street from Georgetown Cupcake. I got the free sandals and some other stuff on sale, still amazed that I got these for free!
I was feeling pretty celebratory and decided to hit up Baked & Wired. I hadn't been here since the infamous Georgetown Cupcake Crawl (miss you B & K!), plus Georgetown Cupcake unfortunately doesn't have Strawberry on Sundays this month, which is what I wanted. I got a small iced skim mocha, which from now on shall be re-named OMFG the Best Iced Mocha Ever. It was seriously "BANANAS" as Rachel Zoe would say.
Well HELLO there.
As you can see, I couldn't exactly come all the way to Georgetown/Baked & Wired and NOT buy any of their baked goods.

Left to Right: Brownie Cookie, Strawberry Cupcake (in case you couldn't tell which was which just from looking at them...ha)

The Strawberry Cupcake ($3.50) was one of our favorite cupcakes from the previously mentioned Cupcake Crawl. The Brownie Cookie ($1.50) sounded interesting, and it was small enough to justify buying it too. Before you think, "Wow, you ate all that by yourself and then had dinner? Ew.", I wound up going to S & D's abode for dinner, so I brought these along as dessert for us to share.

The Strawberry Cupcake does not disappoint- it's got chunks of fresh strawberry in the vanilla cake, and a hefty coating of strawberry frosting with sprinkles on top. I also liked that the way they wrap these cupcakes makes it good for transport- didn't lose any of the frosting from it hitting the inside of the box. The Brownie Cookie was also v. good- a regular cookie base with chunks of brownies mixed in. Only complaint might be there was no textural difference between the brownie and the cookie, maybe if one component had walnuts or something it would be more interesting.

S says, "I thought that the brownie cookie was very good. It was moist, which is a very important factor for me and cookies, tasty and totally hit the spot. In regards to the cupcake, I thought that the strawberry frosting totally made the cupcake what it was. The frosting had a great texture, consistancy and had just the right hint of strawberry flavor."

I'm assuming D liked it since he snagged the last 1/4 of both the cupcake and the cookie.

Baked & Wired

1052 Thomas Jefferson St. NW

Washington, DC 20007



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  2. I give you a lot of credit for being able to share that cupcake... I would not have been able to part with it. It looks so good!