Friday, July 10, 2009

Frill Collection: New From Vera Bradley

I never really knew much about the Vera Bradley brand until I went to Bucknell, and saw it EVERYWHERE. Between VB, Herve Chapelier, and the Longchamp brands, you would think Bucknell was sponsored by the three brands or something. Yes, VB has its share of weird/crazy patterns that I would never ever use/buy, but for the most part I enjoy the cute patterns and accessories that they offer.

Looks like they have a new "younger" collection called Frill out now (in stores and online). The names are re-dic-u-lous and not in a good way. Seriously? TXT speak as the product names? Groooooooooaaaaaaaan. But I guess since it's "younger" this is what the brilliant Marketing group came up with, huh. I will say though that I really like the "SOI" bag (PS- why would you call something you want to sell "So Over It"? Just asking.) - I really like the shape of this and think it'd be good for carrying books, magazines, a light laptop, or for work with folders and stuff. I'll have to check it out next time I go to a VB-selling store.

*Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with nor getting paid by Vera Bradley for this plug. I like the brand and I just got an e-mail about the Frill collection, so I just thought I'd pass it on :-)

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