Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie "Review": The Hangover

"I paid $10.50 and all I got was a Hangover" ...har har har

This isn't really so much of a critical/in-depth movie review, since you can find that in just about 23984793843987 other posts online. More like my 2 cents on this movie, if you will.

I was looking forward to seeing The Hangover, since I had heard really good things about it from friends and online reviews. It looked like a fun, amusing, classic Todd Phillips film (Old School, Road Trip, etc.) so I figured it couldn't be TOO bad, haha.

The +

- Funny, funny, movie.

- I love, love, love, Vegas!

- Bradley Cooper looks HOTTTTTT in this movie, big change from anything else I've seen him in yet.

- Todd Phillips cameo sighting (in the elevator of Ceasar's Palace when they go out at the beginning of the night). He's previously been in Old School ("I'm here for the gangbang") and Road Trip (Foot Fetish Guy on the bus).

- Ed Helms, aka Andy on The Office, sings - I like when he sings on The Office, I'll prob like him when he sings elsewhere.

The -

- Some good lines, but not nearly as many memorable ones as other similar "funny guy" movies, like Anchorman, Old School, etc.

- The girl/fiance was pretty, but at times looked like a poor man's Megan Fox that they were trying to make you believe WAS Megan Fox who was trying to be Angelina Jolie. Not that this has anything to do with the movie, but I noticed it.

- I thought Doug/fiance was pretty cute in the beginning, too bad he was in about .0000000038% of the movie. (However, more than balanced out by Bradley Cooper's hotness- See above.)

- Was definitely a stereotypical list of what "happens" in Vegas, at least in the movies. Nothing really too surprising for the most part.

- Extreme plot gaps always sort of bother me. For example, the guys were spending 1 night in Vegas, yet somehow they manage to go in and out of their Villa for the entire duration of the movie, which is a whole weekend, not just 1 night. Not to mention no one at the hotel, housekeeping or otherwise, seems to have noticed the disaster that becomes their Villa....huh? When I've been in Vegas you were lucky if Housekeeping didn't bust in at 9am, and even a "late checkout" was 11am! Hmph.

Lest I sound TOO critical- I did enjoy the movie (I swear). Would I see it again? Definitely. Would I buy it on DVD? Probably not.

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  1. Next weekend won't be good for me, the Jonas Brothers are in town.