Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend in Pittsburgh!

Spent an awesome weekend in Pittsburgh, visiting B and K. Fun times with Family Guy trivia, random educational museum trips, drinking games, and of course, the FOOD! A few of the food highlights...

DENIED at the Dor Stop.

After lots of hype from me (seeing Pumpkin Pancakes on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), we ventured out Saturday morning for brunch at Dor Stop. As luck would have it, all that greeted us was an empty restaurant + a sign indicating they were on vacation for a week starting THAT day. Boooo. We went to Pamela's for some fab hotcakes instead.

Walked over to Vanilla to try out some of their cupcakes.

Having tried Dozens on our last Pittsburgh trip, we tried out Vanilla this weekend. General consensus was positive, one highlight was definitely K's choice of the Cosmo cupcake. My Red Velvet was alarmingly red, and appearance-wise, not like any other Red Velvet I've ever tried. The cake was moist, the frosting was pillowy and sweet, and the little sprinkles added a nice touch of texture. I really liked the layout of the bakery, especially the window that looks into the actual Bakery portion- pretty cool to see the bakers and decorators at work!


Of course I couldn't pass up another chance to have a Primanti's Sandwich while in Pittsburgh. We got some at the Pirates game on Saturday night- while it wasn't the same as eating at a real Primanti Bros., it was perfect ballpark overload food, especially that cole slaw that I love so much.

View of Downtown from the Game.

Yes, a non-food photo for you, haha. This is from walking around the stadium prior to the awesome fireworks show!

Full-on Eat n' Park Paraphanelia.

Sunday consisted of sleeping in and a trip to Eat n' Park before heading back to DC. Of course the food there was secondary to the famous Smiley cookies, although clearly I couldn't resist the other gifts they had there too. Can't wait to use my mug!

Once again, a fab time in the Steel City. Thanks B and K for an awesome weekend, it was great to see you both!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! The food looks delish!! Way better the Healthy Choice meal I brought for lunch :(