Friday, August 5, 2011

Barefoot Contessa Outrageous Brownie Mix

I won this box of Barefoot Contessa outrageous brownie mix some time ago, and never really got around to using it until recently.  I opened up the box and found not just a dry brownie mix, but chocolate chips as well.  That, along with the detailed instructions, made these a little more time-consuming than regular box brownie mix.  Not that it was hard to follow or anything, but in case anyone's looking for a quick and easy brownie mix (especially for kids' baking), this may not be for you. 

I didn't photograph the brownies when they were done because, well, a sheet of brownies in a pan isn't all that interesting looking, haha.  I liked the addition of both the melted and solid chocolate chips in the brownies, they added an intense chocolate flavor and some texture as well.  I cut up and froze the rest of them and they have held up nicely since then.  Overall, I'm a fan of Ina Garten but wouldn't be running to spend $12 on a brownie mix again anytime soon.  However, I do think it'd be a cute part of a gift for someone (nicer looking than a box of Pillsbury... just saying, haha). 


  1. Excuse me, 12.00 dollars for a brownie mix!!!

  2. I've heard about these brownies! Hee hee...yep, def better than some Pilsbury. :P

    ( mom loves the brand so it's kinda

  3. @Maris: I know!! That's what the Ina Garten name will do, haha.

    @SNC: Haha!