Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes - Vanilla Cupcake

Photo courtesy of M

A while back, M and I walked from Bethesda, MD all the way to Georgetown via the Capital Crescent Trail.  One light at the end of the tunnel was our plan to stop in Sprinkles for a post-walk cupcake, woo!

I switched things up a bit and got their Vanilla cupcake: "Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with creamy vanilla frosting".  As you can see it's a little messy to eat with the coating of vanilla sprinkles on top, haha.  This was a pretty tasty cupcake- I'd definitely recommend it for any vanilla flavor fans out there.  One thing I noticed is that the frosting reminded me of vanilla pudding in the taste - which I like, just thought it was sort of a random association to have, haha.   


  1. Oh that walk, so long, so achy! haha

  2. That looks like one perfect cupcake!

  3. I was thisclose to going to Sprinkles on Friday. I so need to remedy that! And, thanks for the heads up about the vanilla pudding taste. I love vanilla cupcakes, but that consistency would be unexpected. xoxo

  4. @Michelle: Ahh I know!

    @Maris: It was v. tasty :o)

    @Shannon: Love the sprinkles on top, mmm.

    @City Girl: You neeeeeed to go!