Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Turkey Hill Experience, PA

Ok yes, there is a giant cow in the photo as well- but check out that huge tub of ice cream!!

On our way back from Hershey Park, T, her hubby G, and I stopped in the Turkey Hill Experience cafe for a snack.  We didn't have time to check out the actual museum portion but checked out the cafe portion for some tasty ice cream. 


I got a cup of the Lancaster Whoopie Pie ice cream - Helllllloooooo, it's got pieces of whoopie pie inside!  This was pretty good - smooth vanilla ice cream with chunks of soft whoopie pies mixed right in.  There isn't much of a textural component in this ice cream, but tasted good nonetheless.  I'm glad we got to check the place out and I got to try this new (to me) flavor!

Turkey Hill Experience
301 Linden Street
Columbia, PA 17512


  1. Yummers! And that cow is cute...haha XP

    (Yep, Asian bakery =)

  2. We're headed there this weekend, so I was glad to read your post. Hope they still have that flavor when we get there!

  3. @Traci: I hope you had fun!