Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Funfetti Cookies

I heart you, Dough Boy.

Like I've mentioned before, a lack of eggs in my apartment is a common occurence.  I don't like eating eggs on their own (aside from Japenese egg salad sandwiches, weirdly enough), so if I buy a carton it's pretty much a) strictly for baking something; and b) a short 6-egg carton. 

But, the good thing about my self-imposed egg shortage is that I've now tried two recipes that involve little to no eggs.  First was the Allergen-free cupcakes, and now the Funfetti cookies.  I was planning on making Funfetti cupcakes, but realized I only had 2 eggs left, and I needed 3.  I flipped the box over and found this recipe on the side of the box- only 2 eggs needed?  Sweeeeeeet.   
These cookies were super simple to make, just a little mixing and some rolling needed.  It took a while to get the cookies into uniform sizes but I got the hang of it after a while.  The texture was v. similar to play-doh and they were easy to mold. 

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the finished product- I thought I had uploaded it to my computer already and deleted it from my camera, before realizing that I hadn't uploaded it yet.  Sad times, but you can click on the link for the recipe above to see what they should look like.  I used chocolate fudge frosting, which made these taste v. v. similar to Berger cookies, if you've ever had those before. 

Final verdict?  These were a delicious and easy alternative to Funfetti cupcakes, and I'm glad that my egg-less ways led me to making them.  Of course, that's assuming you like the flavor of Funfetti cake to begin with, which you really should if you are any friend of mine.  


  1. These look so cute! I broke down and made funfetti Halloween cake last night. It looks so awful, but it's really tasty. I'm all about making things from scratch and not eating boxed things, but sometimes you just need to make something easy and satisfying, right?

  2. @atinymorsel - I bought the Halloween funfetti mix and frosting, haven't used it yet though. For as much as I love and appreciate homemade goods, I'll always have a love for Funfetti, haha.

  3. @Ilana - Yup, used the Funfetti chocolate fudge frosting once the cookies were done baking.