Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Georgetown Cupcake Is Shipping Nationwide! - Part TWO

As I had previously posted, Georgetown Cupcake is now taking orders for nationwide shipping.  In an amaaaaaaazing turn of events, my friend A was literally THE FIRST recipient of an out of state order, all part of a little thing I like to call the BEST ENGAGEMENT STORY EVER!!  I asked her to provide some first-hand feedback on the order- take it away, A!

"(Georgetown Cupcake) shipped them overnight mail through UPS....in the cutest box ever!!! The people were SUPER nice to David- he called weeks ago and they said they didn't ship, but to call back and they could 'see what they could do'.  He wasn't supposed to be able to get his shipment on Thursday either (bc I guess they hadn't officially started shipping then), but John (he's the manager or something) pulled some strings after David told him his story and he had them shipped overnight mail on Wed to be delivered on Thursday. yay! We're the first people to get Gtown cupcakes delivered haha!! John also provided him with the extra little box to put my ring in :o)

They come in a plastic container that has space for each indiv cupcake and the container is sealed on the sides with the cute GTown Cupcake stickers.  Then inside the pink box they usually put a dozen cupcakes in (I'm thinking) and then inside the fun box! David also said that the box was delivered on ice and everything and was cold when he got it. He said he was very impressed with how they shipped them.

They are extremely fresh and you can freeze them for up to a week. I ate two last night of the pumpkin flavor that I froze (you are suppose to let them dethaw for an hour...it comes with a cute card that explains all of this) and they still tasted heavenly. (and this is over 4 days after they have been shipped). Also David likes to eat the chocolate hazelnut straight from the freezer...it tastes really good!!! The only downfall of the shipping I would say is that David had requested a dozen red velvet and the man in charge told him he couldn't take any special orders. So David had to pick between the seasonal package (which includes 6 pumpkin..which I'm obsessed with pumpkin, so I love them!!!), along with 6 chocolate hazelnut.  The other option is I think 3 red velvet 3 chocolate 3 vanilla and 3 of something else..I can't remember. (Editor's (that's me) note: Georgetown order/flavor info here).

Overall, I would say that it's not terribly priced for the fact that they do an excellent job with the shipping and the cupcakes are extremely fresh. For a special occasion I think it's perfect!"

So there you have it, a first-hand review of the delivery service.  Sounds like it worked out perfectly!  Congratulations again to A and D on your engagement!!!


  1. awww yay! I feel so important being a part of the blog now...woo hoo! Love <3 it!

  2. A - I think you and KY might be the same person! GREAT STORY :)!!!!