Friday, October 2, 2009

Japanarama: Kit Kat Jasmine Tea Flavor


This Jasmine Kit Kat bar was a purchase back from my trip to Japan in May of this year- I figured I shouldn't/couldn't be hoarding these forever so I decided to give these a try.  Also, the cooling temperatures makes me think more of tea items inadvertently haha. 

The packaging is cute and v. feminine/frilly, as you can see.  If you can't tell just from looking at it, it's pretty much assumed that this is marketed 100% towards women.  On the top of the box it says "We support your calorie control!" and each portion (there are 4 bars total in the box- 2 packages of 2 bars each) is 109kcal according to the front of the box.  You always hear about the health benefits of tea and I'm assuming that they really were pushing for people to associate that with this product.

As far as the taste- I've had Earl Grey sweets before, so I assumed it would be similar to those.  The smell is nice- if you think you haven't had Jasmine tea before, think of the tea you normally get at Chinese restaurants- that's what these smell like, haha.  The first bite is a little weird, to be honest.  It looks like a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat but then you realize there's this somewhat-bitter-tea-leaf-smokiness coming from somewhere.  After a few bites though, it becomes a pleasant melding of chocolate with a background of tea. 

If you're a fan of tea in general (without the liberal dousing of sugar and milk, haha) you will probably like this.  Unfortunately in order to try one you'd have to do one of the following:

1) Go to Japan
2) Be there when this limited edition flavor is available
3) Contact me and get the other 2 bars I still have left over.

Although I will say, you're in NYC or another major city with lots of Asian markets, there is a chance they sell these at specialty candy stores/Japanese supermarkets.  I LOVE all the fun limited edition Kit Kats, can't wait to try more whenever I can get my paws on them, ha.