Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Georgetown Cupcake Is Shipping Nationwide!

Just came across this lovely bit o' info: Georgetown Cupcakes can now be shipped outside of the DC metro area! 

The Good: Makes a lovely gift, and everyone should be able to try the deliciousness that is GC.

The Not-So-Good: Limited flavors, CRAZY shipping rates (it just about doubles the order price). 

Meaning?  This would be an awesome awesome gift to send someone, because in my book no one else can knock GC off the throne of "OMGTHEBESTEVER" cupcake.  But shipping rates are super duper expensive (which is expected for delivering perishable/fragile foods), so maybe it'd be best to just come to DC and try it out yourself :o)

PS- In addition to the Bethesda location (!!!!!!!) opening this year, GC will also be moving to 33rd + M in Georgetown at some point, according to the Best Bites Blog tweet.