Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: InterMetro Chef's Cart

One tricky thing about being so obsessed with food/kitchen-related stuff is figuring out where to put it all.  Unfortunately my current apartment kitchen is v. narrow and doesn't have much in the way of storage space, much less countertop space.  I've been looking for a good kitchen cart/storage unit for some time now, and luckily for me, I found this lovely piece in an advertisement for the Container Store's Shelving Sale

This InterMetro Chef's Cart is easy to put together (no hardware necessary), feels v. sturdy, and goes well with the rest of my kitchen appliances/look (light wood/silver finish). The butcher-block top will come in handy as extra cooking/prep space, especially for rolling out dough (something I def couldn't do before), and I can roll it in and out of my kitchen as needed.  Also, now I finally have some storage place for random appliances, woo!       

If anyone is in the market for a portable storage option for their kitchen, I'd highly recommend it, especially since it's currently on sale, haha.  Not cheap, but then again, this cart doesn't feel or look cheap either, like some other ones I've seen at housewares stores.  A great option for someone with limited kitchen space!  

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