Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: Jell-o Boston Cream Pie Pudding

  • I Paid: $3.00 (2/$6.00 at Giant)

  • Descrption: Jell-o Sugar Free, 60 Calories, New Flavor, Boston Cream Pie

I am a HUGE fan of Boston Cream Pie.  I love custard, chocolate, and cake- what's not to love??  Now, I am not that easily duped- I realize that this Jell-o cup is not going to Really taste like a slice of Boston Cream Pie.  That being said, I have enjoyed chocolate and vanilla sugar-free Jell-o puddings before, so I figured I'd give this new flavor a try.

This new flavor is a big "win" in my book for the Jell-o brand.  It's fantastic!  That is, if you're already used to the somewhat artificial-tasting flavors of sugar-free Jell-o pudding.  I like that there's two levels of flavor so you can mix it all up yourself, eat one layer at a time, or do what I do and fit both layers onto each spoonful, haha.  The vanilla portion does taste a little different than regular vanilla- I imagine they did something to make it more custard-y to match the Boston Cream Pie influence.

Final verdict?  I wouldn't eat this ALL the time, but I am glad I got it and wouldn't hesitate to buy another pack again.  If you are a fan of sweets but need just a little something to curb your sweet tooth, this would be a great option.  I'm not sure how long Jell-o's planning on keeping this around- I imagine it would depend on the popularity/demand.  I for one hope it sticks around!


  1. so i picked these up at the local Wegman's and I'm underwhelmed.

    Yes, the vanilla does taste a little more custard-y than regular and the chocolate a little more rich than regular, but it's still not that good. I dunno what I was thinking--I guess if i added in some cake, it WOULD taste exactly like BCP.

    I'm glad i tried it, but won't re-purchase. I bought the cinnamon roll ones too (they have banana fudge sundae, but had to prioritize!) and will let you know how they are, unless you've already tried them!!

  2. Aw Nicole, sorry you didn't like it! I think that the fact that I grew up eating vanilla Jello pudding means I'm used to it/like it for nostalgic reasons. Yes def let me know how the cinnamon ones are, I haven't seen them yet!

  3. i buy these often and love them as well! and i cant believe they are only 60 calories each!!

  4. @poptarts: Thanks for commenting- yeah I know, it's a great little snack!