Friday, October 16, 2009

Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mise en place. (side note: I finally realized I should turn my stove light on for these photos, haha).

Continuing on with my quest to overdose on anything pumpkin through the month of October, I was on the lookout for an easy but interesting recipe online.  I came across this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies via Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site.  If you aren't familiar with Pioneer Woman or Tasty Kitchen, I highly recommend it- lots of great photos, stories, and of course recipes to look at/use!  

These cookies were v. easy to make and don't require a ton of ingredients.  The raw dough comes out a lot softer than most cookie dough, due to the pumpkin puree.  But, they were easy enough to drop onto cookies sheets without blob-ing (you know what I mean) all over the place.  It was a little difficult for me to gauge when they were really done- It says to take them out once they're browned, but... they're already brown!! I guessed as best I could, and poked a few with a toothpick to check for done-ness, and I think they turned out ok. 

The cookies remain very soft and pliable due to the pumpkin, I think, even days after baking, if you keep them stored properly.  You might want to keep that in mind if you plan on just throwing them into a ziplock bag- they will probably break off into pieces really easily if you don't store them carefully. 


These cookies taste AWESOME.  I loved the pumpkin flavor with the semi-sweet chocolate.  Not too sweet, but definitely satisfying.  I would absolutely make these again- and v. likely will, since I have another giant can of pumpkin from Wegmans that I need to use.  I highly recommend you try these out!


  1. These look amazing! I love love love pumpkin w/ chocolate! Might have to make these soon!!

  2. @Ashley: I've made them twice already, so easy and delicious- I might make them for this weekend for you guys!!

  3. By far the best thing you've ever made. (That I've eaten at least)