Monday, October 19, 2009

Review: Bouchon Bakery, NYC

Chef Thomas Keller is definitely one of the big names in the culinary industry, mostly due to The French Laundry restaurant.  It's definitely on my lifetime To-Do List, that's for sure.  Another Keller establishment is Bouchon Bakery, where the menu has a mix of classic items plus a few special items that are Keller-ized :o)   The NYC outpost of Bouchon Bakery is located in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.  More importantly, it is v. close to my friend E's apartment, and she was happy to try out a few items with me for breakfast.   

One portion of the bakery selection.

So cute- Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Coffee Cake + Pumpkin Brioche

We wound up getting two items to share- the Coffee Cake and the Pumpkin Brioche.  The Coffee Cake had a great crumble topping and was v. sweet- went really well with my unsugared latte that I also got.  It was dense as most Coffee Cakes can be, but didn't feel heavy.  It was a great size for sharing.  The Pumpkin Brioche was really delicious!  I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it had a great flavor and not really sweet at all, which I liked (especially since we also had the Coffee Cake).  It was slightly salty and I thought it had a really great depth to it, although I am pretty biased towards loving anything pumpkin these days, haha. 

Caramel Macaron.

We also bought a Caramel Macaron to save for later.  I'm not a huge macaron person, but this one tasted great.  I loved the caramel filling and the overall taste of this macaron- it's just too bad I carried it in my bag all day and it got pretty squashed by the time we ate it, haha. 

Overall I'm v. happy I got to try out the NYC store, and it was a delicious way to start out a fun day in the city!  Next time I would like to eat at the sit-down section of the Bakery, and/or try out more of the prepared meal items like the sandwiches, for sure.   


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  2. Bouchon Bakery sounds really familiar!
    Everything sounds delicious.

    When I went to NYC, I went to Magnolia, Crumbs, and Kyotofu. Kyotofu was the best by far! Hope you got a chance to make it over there (it's not really by anything)~_~

    (I deleted the above comment because of a spelling error...)