Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Restaurant List

This is a running list of restaurants that I haven't been to slash want to go to- if I don't write it down somewhere I'll never remember them all.  Thanks to N for the idea of keeping a list on my blog!  This list can also be found from my main page, via "View my Complete Profile" on the sidebar, then to "Wishlist".


  1. Love it! there are quite a few places I haven't heard of on here!

    I truly think that if I wouldn't have made my list, I wouldn't have gone to many of the places I did go to. Instead, I would have ended up going to SweetWater and the local Indian place like *every* week.

    I read an article about Xie Xie project (probably on Serious Eats) and I dunno what I think about it. Maybe I should go to Eden Center and see if I even like Asian sandwiches bahn mi...

    You seem *so* knowledgeable about Virginia! I know next to nothing about Maryland and I even work there!!

  2. Did you ever see the Throw Down with Bobby Flay when he did a throw down with the guy from Doughnut Planet? It was so funny! He totally freaked out and was being mean to Bobby.

  3. Seriously, the amount of money you'd spend to eat at all of these places is probably the equivalent of Japan's GDP.