Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love, Love, Love: Shake Shack, NYC

Another trip to NYC, another chance to get Shake Shack!!  You know by now how much I love this place, so this post will just be about the photos, no reviews :o)

October Custard Calendar + Menu.


M's Fries + 1/2 Pumpkin 1/2 Chocolate Custards


My Order: Shackburger + Pumpkin Custard.



One comment on the Pumpkin Custard- DELICIOUS!  Creamy and smooth like all their custards, but with a hit of fall spices and pumpkin flavor.  Not overwhelming, just the right balance.  So happy it was available on Saturday!


  1. So good....but yet it lost to Spike

  2. Dear K: Please stop posting pictures of hamburgers - you are making me hungry. They look DELICIOUS!

    xoxo S