Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs)

Ah, the powerful effect of social media/blogging.  A while back Alejandra posted on her blog about these yummy-looking albondigas, or Spanish meatballs.  I printed out the recipe but didn't immediately get around to making them since I was going out to eat a few nights that week.  Then, Olga over at Mango & Tomato posted on her blog about the aforementioned recipe.  That finally convinced me to just get the ingredients and make the friggin recipe already, haha.


I'm really glad I tried this recipe out - smoky, flavorful, moist meatballs and sauce, unlike any flavor profiles I've ever worked with at home!  The addition of the chocolate added depth and was a nice extra little touch.  I had these on rice mostly, but also on their own with a veggie side for lunches at work.  Thank you Alejandra for introducing me to a great meatball recipe, and Olga for inadvertently giving me that extra push to try it out!

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