Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CoCo Sala Boutique Preview Party

On September 27th, M invited me to go along with her to a preview party for the CoCo Sala restaurant's Chocolate Boutique.  Don't have to ask me twice- it's a chocolate party after all!

The boutique is located in a small section of the restaurant, accessible directly from the street/outside.  There are lots of flavored truffles displayed on the counter:

As well as chocolate goodies stacked up on the shelves against the wall:

And a few more displayed throughout.  They definitely make good use of the somewhat small space- there's lots to look at, and you're literally surrounded by chocolate once you step into the boutique.

Hello, chocolate-covered bacon!  This would be a great gift *HINT*

The preview party was packed and everyone was enjoying the food, drinks, and atmosphere in general.  There was a buffet set up with lots of yummy things for guests to nibble on, including various cheeses, crackers, and fruit, as well as a variety of desserts.  My favorite savory item was the mini biscuits (below right), which were packed with flavor and super tasty.  I tried all of the dessert options including the chocolate mousse shots (below left) and the chocolate hazelnut "cigars" (below center), and a chilled sorbet soup, among other fun items.  Sorry for the harsh lighting, but the dim house lighting in CoCo Sala isn't really photo-friendly, haha. 

And in our cute little gift bags: chocolate shoes (for the ladies) and chocolate cigars (for the gents).  Overall it was a great time celebrating CoCo Sala's new chocolate boutique with lots of fellow chocoholics!  Thank you CoCo Sala for putting together such a fun event!


  1. OH WOW!!! Ok, I had NO idea there was that much chocolate there!! YUM

  2. the boutique looks yummy! i went by a week or two ago and it was closed (pretty early), was that because it wasn't officially open yet?

  3. @KandS: It was a chocolate overdose! :o)

    @Shannon: Yeah they had lots of different kinds!

    @nicole: Could've been- this party was on the 27th, and it was opening that week I think.