Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Co Co. Sala: Somethin' Pumpkin Bar

I wanted to get this post in before the end of October, being that it's pumpkin-licious.  I stopped in the Co Co. Sala Boutique yesterday (which I attended the preview party for) so that I could pick up a Somethin' Pumpkin Bar, which I had heard about on Twitter and on Facebook.  The Somethin' Pumpkin Bar is a pumpkin spice chocolate praline bar; measuring only a few inches long (a little shorter than my cell phone, haha).  Initially, I did think it was a little on the smaller side, especially at $6.  

However, as soon as I had my first bite, I could see why it didn't need to be any bigger than it was.  The hard chocolate shell breaks through to a rich chocolate inside, and a layer of pumpkin mixed with pralines.   I'm not sure about the exact ingredients but that's what I could figure out haha.  The pumpkin and chocolate combo was delicious, and the chopped pralines added a nice texture.  Like I said, the bar is pretty small, but the rich chocolate inside makes this size perfect without being too overwhelming or overkill.   This would be a great party favor for a Halloween party, or a tasty gift for a pumpkin lover!


  1. Ooh, that sounds decadent!

    (I love BCBG too :)

  2. @SNC: Small but packs a punch, haha!