Monday, October 18, 2010

Taylor Gourmet Bethesda - Fried Ravioli

A while back I won a free Fritto item via Taylor Gourmet's Facebook page, woohoo!  Since I had tried the Arancini before, I decided to give the Fried Ravioli a try this time around.  

Side note: Fried ravioli will forever remind me of Bucknell's food services, as fried raviolis were always a popular item at the Terrace room and/or the Caf, haha. Mmmmmm....College.  Haha.

These fried ravioli were even better than I had expected!  They remained crisp on the outside even after a car ride home while being tightly wrapped with aluminum foil.  The cheese on the inside was unexpectedly soft, less of a string cheese feeling and more of a yummy soft ricotta-type cheese mixture.  Mmmmmmmmmm!  I would definitely get these again (and pay for them, haha) as a tasty alternative to a hoagie from Taylor. 



  1. I've never even heard of fried ravioli! If my lunch hadn't been so delicious today (LOVE having my mother staying with me) I would be marching to McDonald's for something fried, only to find out it didn't compare to what I imagine these fried raviolis taste like. I need to get over to Bethesda again!

  2. Hey doll! :D

    Ok, what? FRIED ravioli?! I'd looove to try some one day.

  3. This post just made me so hungry!

  4. @Meppers: You've never had it, really?? So good!

    @SNC: Fingers crossed somewhere by you has them!

    @Ilana, @KandS: So good!