Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Target Sparkly Flats

As much as I loooooooove heels, especially platforms, I do keep a supply of cute flats around for those days when I'm walking around a lot or wearing pants that hit right at my heel.  I wasn't specifically looking for flats the other day when I was at Target, but I saw these and thought they'd be a fun option for the fall/winter coming up. 

These flats are super comfy, with the added bonus of elastic fabric lining the inside opening - no first-time blisters or cuts with these babies!  And for only $19.99, they're a fun option with dark jeans, work pants, or even with a skirt/tights combo. 

Here's a closeup shot of the jewel detail on the toe.  A little extra sparkle never hurt anyone!


  1. Adore the shoes, I recently treated myself with a golden pair. I only wear them in the flat and pretend that I am some kind of princess waiting to be rescued.

  2. @mangocheeks: Hope you're enjoying your gold shoes!