Monday, October 4, 2010

Martha Stewart's Butterscotch-Cashew Blondies

Normally I tend to stick with chocolate-based desserts/sweets, but decided on something different because I had bought some butterscotch chips recently.  Once again, Martha Stewart's "Cookies" cookbook came to the rescue :o)  

Mise en place

The original recipe called for cashews and toffee; instead I used what I had, which was chopped walnuts and extra butterscotch chips in place of the toffee.

All done!

The great thing about bar cookies is how easy it comes together - no  need to spoon out individual cookies, just throw it all into a pan and bake!  As it was baking, my apartment smelled more and more like butter and butterscotch, sooooooooo yummy.  

These turned out really tasty- everyone at work seemed to like them too, so I'm going to assume others liked it as well, haha.  It's v. easy to adapt this recipe with ingredients that you already have, like I did.  I would recommend keeping an eye on this a few minutes before the "end" time, as it's v. easy for blondies to go from moist to overbaked (at least in my experience).  Overall, a great staple recipe for a rich little bite that isn't chocolate!


  1. Looks tasty..and I'm not even a nut-in-baked-goods type of person!

  2. @Shannon: Yeah you could even do it w/o the nuts completely and add something like peanut butter chips!