Friday, March 19, 2010

Bounty Hunter Screening + Top Chef Sighting!

On Tuesday night I had a chance to attend a screening of "The Bounty Hunter", starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.  I would've wanted to see this movie eventually anyway, so I was happy that I had a chance to see it for free.  J and I both agreed that it was a good, fun, movie- probably better than I expected, to be honest.  It didn't have the exact rom-com type storyline that you might expect, and was pretty funny as well.  I'm not saying you should go out and buy it when the DVD comes out, but it's probably worth seeing if you like either of the actors or feel like seeing a light, fun movie.  It comes out today nationwide. 

In a bit of unexpected fun, I was in the movie theatre waiting for J when I saw someone that looked verrrrrrrrrry familiar come in towards the ticket booth... 

Top Chef Spike!

For those of you that don't watch Top Chef, Spike Mendelsohn competed in the 4th season of the series, and now owns Good Stuff Eatery in DC.  Fueled by liquid courage from Happy Hour at Clyde's, plus the fact that I generally have no shame about my obsession with Top Chef, I chatted with Spike for a few minutes before heading up to the theatre for the movie.  He was super nice and chill, and seemed sort of amused that I was so excited to meet him, while J literally had no idea who he was/why I was so psyched to meet him, haha.  Needless to say, happy hour + Top Chef sighting + free movie = a great night!     


  1. Fun celeb sighting! You look so happy =D

  2. soooo lucky!
    i'm horrible about noticing or recognizing people, even people I know well! i guess that *might* be because I never wear my glasses T_T
    sounds like a jam-packed, fun night!

  3. @SNC: Haha, I was!! Also excited my phone takes better pics than my old cell phone, whew!

    @nicole: Yeah that might be hard w/o glasses if you need them, haha.