Monday, March 22, 2010

Recipe Review: Bakerella's Chocolate-Matcha Bundt Cake

Mise en place

I came across this Bakerella recipe for a Chocolate-Matcha Bundt cake a while back, but put it on the back-burner, mainly because I didn't even have a Bundt pan at the time.  However, I recently got my hands on one after going to my parents' house for the weekend...aka, I jacked this from the kitchen cupboard, obviously.  It's a mini (~4 cup) pan, v. cute and tiny.  I was feeling too lazy to split the original recipe, so I just made the full recipe using my Bundt pan and a regular loaf pan.  

This recipe came together easily, and I sort of liked the whole "marbling" process.  Pretty much you just drop alternating spoonfuls of the matcha half and the chocolate half into the pan.  If you have kids, it'd be a great recipe for them to help out with, haha.  No need to be too careful or precise with this one, folks.  



As you can see the cakes come out with a cool swirled/marbly effect.  The cake was moist, and both flavors worked really well together.  I loved the balance of the chocolate with the slightly sweet green tea flavor, plus, the colors look great mixed together!  I would absolutely recommend this recipe - might help if you have one big Bundt pan and/or a lot of mouths to feed, haha :o)


  1. ahh I love baking things in my bundt cake pan!!!

  2. @Shannon: It's a good thing you like green tea/chocolate stuff since I make so much of it, haha.

    @Ashley: I can't wait for you to finally be able to - soon!!!

  3. You are such an awesome baker, K! I'm constantly amazed at all the yummy goodies you're making. I love to eat but I am such a newb in the kitchen. Ha! XD

  4. @SNC: Thanks! All the recipes I do are pretty easy- you should try one out someday!