Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Treet Shop Goodies

Tasty Treets!

I first heard about the Treet Shop via Modern Domestic's blog, where she had a great interview with the owner/baker.  The company uses local, high-quality ingredients, and have lots of goodies (for pets too!) for a variety of occasions.  The following Sunday, I was able to stop by the Bethesda Farmers' Market to check out the Treet table.  They were v. friendly and offered a bunch of baked goods at their table, but I knew I HAD to try the whoopie pies when I saw them.  I got a chocolate cake/peanut butter filling whoopie pie and a hazelnut cake/Nutella filling whoopie pie.  Also included were two free mini brownies (with purchase + Twitter special).

The Whoopie pies were...let's see... AWESOME!!  Soft, cakey, and delicious!  Loved the little tiny hazelnut pieces in the cake for the Nutella-filled one, and you know you can't go wrong with Nutella, haha.  The chocolate cake + peanut butter frosting combo was super duper tasty as well.  Rich and yummy, both were fantastic and had the perfect cake/frosting ratio.  The mini brownies reminded me of the Whole Foods Two-Bite brownies that come in the plastic tubs.   Perfect little bites of chocolately goodness!  I really wish I had bought more stuff- will definitely get more the next chance I get.  Check out their online shop and try them out :o)


  1. You are tempting me with baked goods in the morning - not nice! Those look delicious!

  2. @Shannon: Would it help if I told you they deliver to Arlington? (Really, I asked, haha)

  3. oh wow those look amazing!!! If I lived in DC I think I would visit almost EVERY place you blog about...good thing for my bank account I don't haha

  4. @Ashley: We could split everything- ha!