Friday, March 12, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Carrot + Free Cinnamon Cupcakes

Carrot + (Free) Cinnamon

In my quest to try just about every flavor of Georgetown Cupcake's offerings, I picked up a Carrot cupcake on my way to snag the free Cinnamon one being offered that day.   

I have to admit I wasn't super excited about the Carrot - I've had Carrot cake a few times before, and never liked it at all.  I have to admit, I was v. pleasantly surprised by this cupcake.  It was moist, with v. tiny shards of carrot inside, no raisins (woo!), and went well with the cream cheese-based frosting.  And how could you not love the cute carrot fondant topping?  Would I get it again, probably not- but will I trash-talk it like I have with previous Carrot cakes?  No, no I will not :o)

Now the Cinnamon...oooooh the Cinnamon.  I already thought that this would be a good one, but it was even more than what I expected.  It seemed like a regular vanilla cake, but the top of the cupcake (under the frosting) was cracked and covered with cinnamon sugar, just like a Snickerdoodle cookie!!  It was even crunchy like a Snickerdoodle cookie, so so awesome.  That plus the fluffy cinnamon frosting was just so so so so good!  I really wish they'd put this on the regular menu, I think a lot of people would like it!


  1. MMMM - sounds delicious! I need to try the cinnamon one!!

  2. Thanks everyone for commenting! Yes highly highly recommend seeking out the Cinnamon when it's offered!