Friday, March 26, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Irish Cream + Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Lotsa green goin' on

I have to admit, this set wasn't exactly my favorite..far from it, to be completely honest.  A) I don't like mint chocolate items with the exception of Andes mints- strange, I know. Something about those little tiny tile layers...Anyway, and B) I don't like Irish Cream flavored stuff.  Blechhh.  However, in my self-proclaimed quest to try every single cupcake flavor, I forged ahead and tried these out.  So brave of me, I know, right?? Ha.

Irish Cream- Definitely a cute-looking cupcake.  And the lighting in the photo is bad, but these could totally be little Guiness-ish cupcakes with the dark chocolate bottom and light tan frosting on top.  This one did taste like Bailey's (this cupcake is non-alcoholic, btw) but I definitely ate more of the cake itself than the frosting.  Cute idea, and if you like Irish Cream flavored things, you will love it. 

Mint Chocolate is a regular menu flavor, one I've been avoiding for a while.  The cupcake itself is v. cute, love the color combo of the pale green frosting with the dark chocolate cake.  Again, it's hard for me to really say much about it because I already don't like the flavors, haha.  But I will say that the frosting was sufficiently minty without feeling like you're eating toothpaste, and balanced out the rich chocolate cake v. nicely.

So there you have it- a somewhat half-assed review of two cupcakes that I wasn't really excited to try.  But seriously though, if you like these flavors I would recommend trying them out.  They look adorable, and the frosting/cake flavor balance is done really well.  The Mint Chocolate is available on the regular menu, but the Irish Cream one is available through March so...better hurry if you want it, haha.    


  1. I wasn't too thrilled with the Irish Cream ones either. I preferred the ones I baked myself :p

  2. @Shannon: All in the name of trying EVERY flavor, ha.

    @heylovedc: Homemade is always fab! Thanks for commenting :o)