Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun with My Blackberry

I never really thought much about getting a case for my cell phone before, mainly because I've always had clamshell/flip phones and didn't really see a need for a cover.  That started to chance when I got a Blackberry for work and I thought it'd be better to keep it protected since it's not "covered" like a clamshell phone is.  I got this cover from Amazon, and it's sorta interesting because it looks like a soft silicone case but it's really a hardshell case.   I figured this was also a good time to put a fun purchase from Japan to use.  It's a privacy screen for a cell phone, and it works the same way as a computer screen.  Meaning, it prevents people from seeing your screen unless they are directly in front of the phone.  All you'd see from the side is a blank pink screen, like in the photo above.  It's good for metro rides or nosy people in general, ha.  After I put the screen and the case on, I realized that my phone resembled a dog toy moreso than a real, functioning phone.....haha!


  1. wow, it really does look like a soft cover!
    i like the idea of the 'privacy screen'
    i don't ever do anything of any importance on my phone, but i could see this coming in handy for if you read emails or dial numbers that are personal. the world has far too many creepers these days,

  2. @nicole: Yeah I just don't like the idea of someone reading my e-mails etc. sitting next to me.

  3. I need a privacy screen for my crackberry too! Nosy peeps are annoying. =\ I have a pink case too but it's not the hard type. Love the baby pink shade on yours!

  4. @Ilana: Thanks!

    @SNC: Thanks! Yeah they might sell them in electronics stores, maybe? I like it on the metro when it's crowded especially.