Monday, March 15, 2010

CHI Nail Polish

24K Red, Ceramic Base and Top Coat

One fun thing about entering so many random contests, is forgetting you entered until you actually win something and get it in the mail!  This package came courtesy of an Allure magazine giveaway held back in November.  It came with a letter saying that the original product, You Under the Mistletoe polish, is no longer available, so they sent the 24K Red polish instead.  The way I figure it- free is free, they didn't even have to apologize for sending a replacement, ha.  But that was a nice touch on CHI's part. 

The 24K Red is a bright, shimmery, opaque polish that I've been totally loving as a pedicure.  It's a great pop of red and I'm v. happy with the results after 2 coats.  I probably won't use it on my hands but that's mainly because I don't wear much red polish in general... but I could see it being v. pretty and classic-looking on some short nails.  The Ceramic Base and Top coat is pretty much your basic under/over coat, not too thick but felt like it was actually protecting the polish, which is always good.  Overall, a fun and useful contest prize for sure!


  1. @Shannon: It's a fun red- you should try it out!

    @SNC: Thanks!!