Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: Sweet Signatures' Double Chocolate Brownie Truffles

I came across the Sweet Signatures company randomly via Twitter, but had never tried any of their yummy-looking products.  As luck with have it, they were offering a few of their items at a discount one night, and faster than you can say "Double Chocolate Brownie Truffles", I had ordered a box of 12 from them for a discounted price of $15 including shipping.  Woo!

Cute gift box

The package arrived less than 2 days after ordering, and was packed v. thoughtfully to avoid messing up the truffles.


All lined up



These brownie truffles are two bites of delicious chocolate-ness!  I loved how the insides retained the crackly top of a brownie when they're baked, even when rolled up into a ball like this.  The hard chocolate shell was a great contrast to the v. moist brownie innards.  I froze a bunch of these (individually in plastic wrap and into a ziplock bag) to save, and these are really good just out of the freezer also!  I think these are super cute, taste great, and would be a great gift for a chocolate lover.  It's something new and different than a box of chocolates, but still ships easily and keeps well.  Also, I cannot forget to mention that the customer service was Fantastic.  E-mails were prompt, friendly, and just overall v. attentive!  I'm glad I tried them out, and look forward to ordering more from them soon :o)


  1. these look so delicious! i love brownies--i wonder if you could slightly under-bake brownie batter (or mix it with some melted chocolate) and form into balls and coat with ganache? these seem so yummy! i kept hearing about sweet signatures on twitter, but didn't act on it!

  2. @Nicole: Yeah a lot of their stuff that they offer on Twitter/their website sounds pretty tasty!

  3. thanks Nicole and K! We have lots of great items so if you have any questions, by all means feel free to ask any time! @SweetSignatures

  4. ummm these look amazing...I'm totally making David send me these once Lent is over:o)

  5. @SS: Thank you for commenting!

    @Ashley: Yes he better throw you in a chocolate river by the time your nonsense is over, ha.