Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: Cadbury Creme and Caramel Eggs

  • Description: Milk chocolate eggs with soft fondant center; Milk chocolate eggs with caramel center.
  • I Paid: $2.99 for each box of four eggs (at Target)

I've been on a minor kick of trying out new things.  Apparently there are a ton of things that I never grew up eating, so I don't have a lot of the nostalgia that a lot of people do with some foods.  One of these is Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Having never celebrated Easter, I never really got these when I was little, and as I grew up I guess I never really had a hankering for a ball of soft fondant, haha.  I figured now was as good of a time as any to try these, since they are all over the place this time of year.

Unfortunately, Target did not have single eggs for sale, but had four-packs of the creme and caramel eggs.  I will say that the idea of these is cute- who wants a plastic egg, or worse, a hollow real egg, when you can have a completely edible chocolate + filling egg, right? 

Caramel and Creme eggs-  opened

...That being said, I literally would rather eat a plastic egg than ever eat one of these Cadbury eggs, ever, ever, ever, again.  These were just overly sweet and overwhelming from the first tentative bite.   I honestly can't believe that people can actually eat a whole one without their teeth melting.  I have to say, I sort of expected this with the Creme egg- just the idea of soft fondant creme makes me gag a little.  But the caramel- I had higher hopes for, since I love caramel inside chocolate.  It's just too much, too sweet, too gooey, and just too...blechhhhh for me.  I will stick with the sugar-shell mini eggs from now on- now those, now I can get behind...crunchy, chocolatey, yummm.   

What say you, lovely readers?  Are you pro- or anti- these Cadbury sugar bombs known as the Creme and Caramel Eggs?  Let the battle begin! :o)


  1. I used to eat them, but having switched over to dark chocolate, do not think I could eat one.

  2. Cadbury Creme eggs are the very best thing ever. Though your comment about how they are "tooth-meltingly" sweet made me laugh!

    There's also a sentimental reason I eat the Creme Egg/Sugar Bombs. It's my "thing" with my 94-year-old Grandma and always has been. :)

  3. They are delicious and wonderful - an Easter must have!! (You already know this since I ate your leftover eggs :))

  4. I grew up in Russia, so did not eat these either. Not a huge fan of caramel: just give me pure dark chocolate, and I'd be happy :)

  5. @KandS: I love dark chocolate too :o)

    @Stacey: That's such a cute story! I definitely think nostalgia/sentimental reasons are why most people love these, haha.

    @Shannon: Yes thank god I could pass them off onto you, ha.

    @Olga: Yum, yes dark chocolate is so so good!

  6. Creme eggs are nasty...I can do the caramel ones!!!

  7. I don't dig these either. Wayyyy too sweet =\

  8. I dislike the caramel ones- but I LOVE the creme eggs. I eat way too many come Easter time and when I was abroad in France I would have killed someone to get one of these (I finally found them at the American grocery store and paid an exorbitant price for them...) during Easter. They are "tooth meltingly" sweet for sure, but that's why they are so delightful!

  9. @Ashley: Ok good glad we agree on the creme ones.

    @SNC: Yay another one for my team, ha!

    @PRgirl: Haha, that's so funny in France of all places you went searching for these- guess that shows how much you love them :o)