Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dean & Deluca Latte Art Throwdown

Just wanted to post a "Thank You!" to Dean & Deluca for sending me this fun t-shirt (via Twitter trivia contest) to promote their Latte Art Throwdown, which took place two weeks ago.  I know this sort of latte art is becoming v. popular, and I'm happy to see that there are more and more people getting into it.  It's just so cool to see all the crazy-intricate designs that people can create!  Check out just some of the designs I found via Google Image search here.   


  1. We hope you like your t-shirt! Thanks for posting about our competition. If you're interested, you can view a latte art slide show on our blog here:

    The Dean & DeLuca team.

  2. Cute tee, K! I have no clue why but the word "throwdown" here gives me the giggles. :)

  3. @D&D: Thank you for commenting, and for the latte art link!

    @SNC: Thanks! Haha, I hope you don't watch Food Network's "Bobby Flay Throwdown" cus they say it A LOT!

  4. I don't! Probably a good thing. :P Thanks for the sweet comment you just left me...hehe.