Monday, March 29, 2010

Liberty of London for Target

So as I have mentioned to a good number of you, I was super duper excited about the launch of the Liberty of London for Target collection that came out mid-March.  Luckily I have two Targets (one by my apartment, one by my work) that had a pretty varied selection of the collection.  When I went to the Target by my apartment the morning of the launch, it was already getting combed over by a bunch of women, which I wasn't expecting.  Guess all those commercials really had an effect on people around here!  Here's a look at some of the items I got- I'm waiting on two bags that I ordered online, and I have one floral-print sleeveless top that I forgot to photograph. 

Mini photo frames

Spiced Black Tea candle

Sugared Grapefruit candle

Notecard set

Stationary gift set

Another notecard set my mom sent me :o)

Girls' Floral maxi-dress (perfect length for me!)

Women's black babydoll dress (sorry for the bad lighting)

If you haven't by now, I would definitely recommend checking out the whole collection, whatever your specific Target store might carry.  All of the items are super cute and reasonably priced.  The clothing was of much better quality than other collaborations have been in the past, maybe because Liberty of London itself is big on textiles/design to begin with.  The collection is generally shelved separately from the regular store items, under big hot pink signs that say "Liberty of London for Target".  Check it out if you get a chance!  


  1. Holy haulness! That is one sweet haul, K. XD Ooh, so that's the dress you were telling me about! So cute!! Thank you for the notecards, babe.

  2. @SNC: Um yeah...def got a LOT! haha. Hope you liked the cards!