Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stonyfield Oscar Party Kit!

Stonyfield = Awesome!!

I was super excited to win a Stonyfield Oscar Party Kit via Twitter contest a few weeks back, and even more excited when I got the actual package!!!  The Oscar Party Kit includes:

A copy of the DVD Food, Inc.

A copy of the book Food, Inc.
2 coupons for free 16 oz. OikosTM products
3 coupons for free 5.3 oz. OikosTM products
2 coupons for free 4 oz. 4-pack OikosTM products
Recipe card bundle
Reusable Oikos shopping bag
$25 Whole Foods gift card
DVD about organic foods
Stonyfield magazine
Oscar Bingo sheets
Stonyfield greeting card

So so so so so so amazing!!!  Thank you Stonyfield for having such a fantastic contest!!  As if I didn't love the company enough for their yogurt and all-around awesomeness, haha!


  1. Congrats! You are on one lucky streak, girl. Please tell me how you like "Food Inc."!

  2. @Ilana: Thanks!

    @SNC: Thanks! I saw "Food, Inc." in the theatres actually. Pretty powerful and disturbing at times, but super informative!