Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty of London for Target out NOW!

As many of you probably already know from a) the constant commercials that have been airing recently; or b) me telling you about it, the Liberty of London for Target collection is out in-stores and online as of yesterday!  Here's the collection online, which strangely doesn't have everything that I've seen in-store (like the stationary, candles, etc.).  I am really excited about this line because I LOVED the Liberty store when I spent a semester abroad in 2002, and the patterns and design are all super cute.  I already have quite a haul but that'll be shared in a later post (I ordered some items online so I don't have them yet, haha).  But if you're near a Target, go now and check it out- the one by me already had a good crowd pawing through the goods as of 10:00AM yesterday morning!


  1. I went to our nearest target last saturday...& no one is really checking it out....I love the undies & sleepwear...they're sooo pretty..

  2. @adin_22: Nice- I also found the one by my work had more stuff and less people buying it, so I guess the one by my apt had more people looking for it.

    @SNC: I love it- can't get enough!